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Cornish Tales<br />
Three true stories from Cornwall's past.<br />
'Knock Out the Pin' by Nick Darke<br />
'For Those in Peril' by Jethro Compton<br />
'The Walk' by Ellen Moule

Cornish Tales

In 2024 Cornwall Youth Theatre Company will be bringing you three true stories from Cornwall’s dark and mysterious past, with heroism, determination, humour and skullduggery. The Cornish shaped their history and influenced how we all lead our lives and these three tales explore some of the fascinating stories from the past and from across Cornwall. How did four men in a life raft change the law? How did a lady from Penzance with nothing but her wits and stamina manage to meet Queen Victoria? And how did one Cornish community come together to avoid a disaster at sea. If you enjoy Cornwall’s history, and have a strong stomach, join us at a venue near you in March 2024 to see our series of three plays by local playwrights: Cornish Tales from three local writers.

Knock out the Pin by Nick Darke:

A play about the Newquay Lifeboat Disaster by iconic, Cornish playwright Nick Darke. In the middle of the Great War the people left at home in Newquay had one dramatic night of their own to contend with when the worst storm in living memory hit the North Cornwall coast with devastating effects. Directed by our new CYTC Associate Director Colin Leggo.

Those in Peril by Jethro Compton:

Four men stuck on a life raft, lost at sea, with little hope of rescue, whose actions are so gruesome and abhorrent to the people of Falmouth when the three surviving men finally docked in the harbour, the law is changed as a result of what they have done. Directed by our new CYTC Associate Director Colin Leggo.

The Walk by Ellen Moule:

A fish seller (Hawker) from Paul in Penzance walks to London to see the great exhibition, or did she go to see the Queen? Rumour has it she is 85 when she walks or was she 92? Queen Victoria mentions the meeting with the Cornish woman in her diary. The Walk is about this incredible journey and explores how stories are often embellished by the people who tell them. Directed by CYTC Associate Director Ellen Moule.

Parental Advice

Parents should be advised that our 2nd play – For Those in Peril has some content that young children may find upsetting.

About the Company

This year’s company range from 12 to 18 years and are young people from across the whole of Cornwall. 2024 is Cornwall Youth Theatre Company’s 40-year anniversary of work. In that time we’ve performed 100’s of plays and worked with 1000’s of young people and alongside multiple Associate Directors and local playwrights. The current Cornish and National acting world includes many of our past members and 100’s more have gained confidence, acting skills and lifelong friendships from joining us in their formative years. Everyone who’s been a CYTC member over the years is part of a unique family, and our ethos of inclusivity and acceptance of everyone who joins us, whoever they are and from whatever background is the same as it’s always been since we began in 1984.

To celebrate our 40th anniversary we wanted to perform some true stories of Cornwall’s dark and compelling past for local audiences to enjoy. Over the last 40 years our companies have performed Shakespeare, Causley, epic poems, and classic texts and lots of Nick Darke plays. We love Nick Darke’sCornish dialect, fast paced dialogue and comedic characters, and his unique take on Cornish people and their quirky ways.

Cornish Tales Three true stories from Cornwall's past. 'Knock Out the Pin' by Nick Darke 'For Those in Peril' by Jethro Compton 'The Walk' by Ellen Moule

Tour Dates

March 20th
Lane Theatre, Newquay
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March 22nd
Mount Pleasant Eco Park, Porthtowan
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March 23rd
Grampound Village Hall
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March 26th
St Austell Arts Centre
This event has been cancelled.
Please consider our Grampound event instead.

March 27th
The Acorn, Penzance
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